Featured in the LGBTQ+ Positive Voices Exhibition, June 2021

Happy  Valentine's Day <3

A game I made for my nonbinary girlfriend for Valentine's Day 2021. It's a love letter to our life post-lockdown together. We met and fell in love during quarantine and one of the things that's kept us going throughout the pandemic is knowing we can someday do all the things together, when it's safe again

WASD and arrow keys to move in browser. Swipe on mobile in whatever direction to move. Simply explore the home and you end up where you need to be 💕

Looking Up (By David Renda)

Mellow Thoughts (By David Renda)

Made with Bitsy.

Used Bitsy Muse to add music and Borksy to add the Bitsy Muse hack.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Gay, Narrative, Pixel Art, Relaxing


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I'm not crying you are T.T ..... Loved it so cute. I love stories about love. I'm a romantic at heart hehe so these types of games make my heart swoon. 

Another lovely short story that I really enjoyed, giving a very personal insight into the relationship of the author and what it means for them to look forward to the days following the pandemic. Liked it, even if these micro experiences certainly wont be everyones cup of tea.

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I CRIED -NEAR SOBBED- at this. I wish it weren't reality for so many of us but it feels good to know my husband and I aren't alone.

such a cute game :,)

This was so lovely and wholesome and touching... What a wonderful game. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!


i properly cried. This was really touching and didn't know I needed this <3 thankyou for sharing


This is adorable! That ending made me tear up. I love this so much!


this is so cute


this made me feel things and I ended up crying right before the part about crying together and it made me soft im showing my partner this because we’re long distance and unable to meet up even without covid being a thing and this is just. such a great and heartfelt little experience

So cute ; _ ;

ahhhh this is so beautiful!! i love the music, and the way you did the text elements was so evocative!! i love the *shaky* text for excitement. Very very cute!!!


I *CRIED* this is SO CUTE AN COZY omg T_T <3


This was so cute! hope you got to watch a movie togheter!! <3


thank you for the game!

this was so incredibly cute! really made my heart ache for better times <3


Really liked it like the rest of the commenters. Short bug report I guess, once you go into the "pink mode" all hitboxes with interactions disappear so you can walk on the door etc. and I completely missed on the upper door on my first playthrough that way

great treatment to lighten the bitsy exit just a bit!! good execution!


man i love this, i wish the pandemic was over. I also want to know what it's like to feel the exact same way this game made me feel at 2:21 AM in the morning on a Sunday. But like, you know, with another person.

I got teary-eyed, this is lovely.  Thank you

I nearly cried, such a sweet little game!

this was so sweet <33


Thanks for the game!

It was a beautiful and very tender experience. Thank you for letting me into your home and sharing those simple moments of everyday happiness!


Thank you for playing!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ <3 


this was sooo sweet! ✨ I love how much detail you packed into each room (especially the mini views outside the windows)


tysm for noticing!!! I def put a lot of effort into making the window views have a lot of character 😊 thanks for playing and im glad you found it sweet!!



Aahhhh!!!!!! Tysm for playing im so glad you enjoyed!!! 🥺❤