Seattle Indies Expo 2021 Nominee

Submission for the seafolk bitsy jam, 2021.

This loose retelling was done with themes of diaspora, intergenerational trauma, and gender in mind. I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew, but I hope it's still at least enjoyable to play through!

The story of Con Rồng Cháu Tiên

The Vietnamese origin myth, Con Rồng Cháu Tiên (Children of Dragons and Fairies), is a revered story that many Vietnamese people hold dear. It tells the story of how Lạc Long Quân, a revered water dragon king, and Âu Cơ, a beautiful descendant of mountain fairies (sometimes depicted as a Chim Lạc, "Lost Bird", a pre-colonial mythical bird) fell in love and gave birth to the first 100 Vietnamese people. However they could not be together because being together meant being away from their homelands, so Lạc Long Quân took 50 children to the sea and Âu Cơ took 50 children to the mountains and that's the origin of the seafolk and mountainfolk that make up the two halves of Vietnam.

How to play

Free to play on browser and on mobile. Arrows and WASD to move  and interact on desktop browser. Swipe on mobile to move in the direction you want and interact with objects and characters.


Music: Brevyn - Ocean Flower

Made with Bitsy.

Used Bitsy Muse, Avatar by Room, and Transparent Sprite hacks and Borksy to add them.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
TagsNarrative, Pixel Art, Relaxing, vietnamese

Development log


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This was very heartfelt; i enjoyed the subtle storytelling you wove through the mechanics, like him moving away from her to follow the bubble path as it darkened :) I haven't played many little games like this before and I found thsi one very charming

Another short story, about the origin myth of the viatnamese people, in which a mythical bird and a water dragon king fell in love, made 100 children and split them up to the mountain and the seas as the would never be able to live together, explaining the seafolk and mountainfolk of vietnam. Cute, on point, worth playing. Liked this one as well. 3/5

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all your games tell such good stories!! 

Beautiful, thank you for making this

I really liked it!!! It shows that something can be very simple but still enjoyable

Thank you for the game! The simplicity of the art went well with the feeling of melancholy the story gives.

Ô hay thế!

Pretty awesome. So much to tell in so little color, time, mechanics and space.


Thanks for the game!

I felt the tragedy of separation from your loved one when I was unable to get out of the water to interact with her. It's neat how you've been able to get so much meaning out of this small gameplay detail!


Omg thank you for calling out this detail! It was actually one of my favorite details to design <3 

Thanks for playing!! ^^


You tell the story so well with changing avatars, poetic! I like the different scenes 👍

Thank you!!! This was the first time I used the avatar by room hack and it was the one I wanted to focus this game around so I appreciate the call out :)

ahh cool, there’s some good hacks available! I used the Animal Crossing style narrative hack, works really easily, wud recommend as well 👍


this is so good!!! you use transitions so creatively in this game, the yellow room depicting Âu Cơ took my breath away!! and the music is perfect <3 thank u for making this i wanna make origin myth games now omg

thank you!!! the Âu Cơ  image took the longest to ideate and make so that means a lot (I looked at so many gosh darn pictures of cranes LMFAO). 

and OMG lmk if you do!! i'd love to play !!! origin myths are SO cool


Great little experience. Despite being a bitsy game, some parts of the game looks gorgeous!

Game hay đấy. Cho 1 cái follow này =)). 

Cảm ơn nhiều!!!