its been a while since i went for a walk

you go for a walk and think about stuff

entry for the January 2021 bitsy jam theme clouds

use the arrow keys to move around; on mobile, swipe in the direction you'd like to go in

sound: ocean waves recorded during a nice day on a california beach, january 2021

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- @linhtropy

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Bitsy, bitsy-jam, clouds, Narrative, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Lovely game, thank you for sharing with us! :)


Very short narrative adventure about noticing and exploring the world around you and what that might mean to you. Its simple, but I liked it. Gives me a bit the same vibes as looking at an art work or reading a small poem.

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The narrowing of the path as we confront our own responsibility in our actions is a nice touch.I enjoyed it, thanks for the good work.

really love the colors you used :)


fuck... that was good


"The path is dark dark and I chose to walk it anyway"



A very quick and charming game. My first game from the Palestinian bundle :D.

this was a gorgeous experience.  I adore adore adore the style of this.  can't wait to see what you do next <3


First game played from the Palestinian aid bundle and I'm so glad, it's barely 5 minutes, super beautiful <3

2nd game from Palestinian aid bundle , very relaxing to play like meditation. also has anyone gone thru the game without touching anything? curious to know if theres another ending.

woah really touching and beautiful at the same time

I didn't see your entry its so good! super well crafted door/mirror moment! plus the color shifts and font, really nice game!


very nice! This is the first game I tried from that bundle for Palestinian aid, I'm glad I did! 

great work, love the colours you used for everything. rly added to the vibe <3


I accidentally skipped through some of the narrative when traversing into a new room, and jamming on the keyboard, but otherwise I still rate this game a 5/5. TYVM. 

This was really enjoyable. Loved the colors and the audio


beautiful and meditative - loved the colors and the varied cloud sprites 💖☁️  the audio really brings it together

wow thank you so much!!! I put a lot of effort into the colors and cloud sprites specifically so i really appreciate that ^^ (also thanks for creating bitsy, it's literally what's finally made making games accessible to me!!!)


💖 you’re welcome!! it turned out great ☺️

(also it’s great to hear that bitsy has been helpful for you! that really makes my day ✨)


nice story and it was beautiful! i loved the wind or water ambient noise. the color palette was also really nice 


tysm!!! yeah i'm glad the sound worked out with the game and I'm eager to do more similar stuff, sound-wise for future games :)


Thanks for a soothing and relaxing experience :) Lovely art and thoughtful dialogue! The sounds were also <3

I'm glad it was soothing and relaxing <3 😊 thank you so much!!!!


That was a really nice audio visual experience, i liked the little bit of story as well, it's got a nice balance.


Thank you!! The audio and visuals came easier than the story for sure while I was making it, but I'm glad it ended up being balanced :D thanks for playing and leaving a comment!!


Amazing work, well done


Thank you so much! :))


the art is really good (great clouds) and I like the contemplative nature of it!


Thank you so much!!! I actually started making this game by doodlin' some clouds in bitsy and I'm quite happy with the results :) I'm glad you found it contemplative ^^

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wow this is so lovely and i loved the audio! the art is gorgeous too! <3

thank you so much!!!  

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I really loved this <3


<3!!! Tysm for playing!!! Im glad you enjoyed 😊


Whew, this was a whirlwind! Always love an incorporation of a field recording.

Ahh tysm!!! Yeah it was really fun to record audio for this and i wanna experiment with that more in future games :)!